Insurance Appraisal

There are several reasons to have an appraisal done.

  • For insurance purposes; to add a rider to a current insurance policy or to make a claim on covered firearms (in most cases a rider to a homeowner’s / renter’s policy is needed to cover firearms).
  • In the case of divorce or charitable contribution, it is needed to state value of the firearms as assets.
  • Appraisals are also helpful in the case of estate planning or to sell firearms via auction or other methods.

Insurance Appraisals of Firearms at Guns Galore will help you learn two important pieces of information: Market & Replacement Value and Guns Galore Value.

  1. Market & Replacement Value – this will appraise each firearm for what TODAY’S market is bearing for a firearm in the same condition with the same accessories.
  2. Guns Galore Value – this will appraise each firearm for what Guns Galore would purchase it for if you were to sell it to us.

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